Do you ever look back and think, “Wow, I never saw that coming!?”

Well, I’ve thought that a lot lately. In 2015, I was sharing my life with the man I love. My two beautiful, amazing children and their families were all doing well. I was dancing three times a week. My father was no longer suffering, and his red-headed angel wife who had worked so hard to keep him happy, could finally rest. My life was overflowing with blessings.

I had stopped sending queries to agents and publishers about my novel and accepted reality—my book was never going to be published, and I was never going to have the opportunity to talk with people who had read what I had written. It wasn’t easy to let go of those dreams, but I tried to remember that my life was already overflowing with blessings. I let go of what would never be and thanked God for all I had.

I didn’t hear Him at the time, but now I imagine God was probably saying, “Don’t get too comfortable with all that resignation—I’m not done with you yet.” Now I know that He was about to give my sleeping dreams a fairy tale kiss to wake them up.

It was all rather sudden and unexpected. My friend introduced me to a project manager. That project manager agreed to help me publish my book. Within days, she found a designer to do the cover and layout and a strategic messaging specialist to organize, focus, and find just the right language to describe me and summarize my ideas (I had never even heard of such a thing).

The same manager then created a plan for me and for my book. She identified each step in the process and projected dates for completion of each step.

At times, I felt a little like I was caught in the rapids of the Comal River near New Braunfels in central Texas—without an inner tube! I just tried to focus on where we were headed rather than how fast we were moving!

Then, without warning, we stopped moving forward and started spinning. We were caught in a whirlpool of endless edits and repeated, mind-numbing read-throughs. Each time that whirlpool threatened to pull me under, my team of professionals would hold my head above water and gently remind me to breathe.

A few weeks ago we finally received fifty beautifully designed, well-edited copies of my printed book. I still smile every time I look at the copy I have on my desk.

Until two days ago, the rest of my dream—talking with people who might be interested in reading my book or, even better, with people who’ve already read the book—was still unrealized.

Two days ago, I was invited to speak about my book at a luncheon. I read passages and talked about ideas from my book and my audience smiled and laughed and asked questions. Many people bought copies of my book and asked me to sign their copy. It was, I assure you, a day of miracles.

The best part is that the whole day was so much fun, I can hardly wait to do it again! My team is currently working on bookings for 2017, and I would love to put your group on my calendar. I can’t wait to meet you. I’m excited to tell you about my book but I’ve even more excited to hear from you!! What dreams are sleeping in your heart that need to be awakened?



Lynn with Marcia Tapp, Director of Resource Development of The Women’s Home, at the author’s first speaking engagement for Almost Perfect.