Completed Work

Maggie and Sandra are besieged by hot flashes, wrinkles, sagging necks, frequent bouts of name-calling, and uncontrolled fits of laughing.  Maggie is spending more and more time in front of the open freezer trying to cool off and Sandra might need to join Baker’s Anonymous. Sandra is a family therapist with three grown children, two grandchildren, and a marriage that managed to survive her husband’s infidelity.  Lately she has been writing letters to God, and (much to her surprise) He has been writing back. Maggie is single and wealthy and although she doesn’t have children, she does have an evil mother who keeps invading her life like a skin rash. These two friends share a trainer, Maggie’s clothes, Sandra’s family and all their secrets.  Their lives are calm and predictable until Sandra convinces Maggie to take ballroom dance lessons and Sandra’s daughter reveals a devastating twenty-year old secret.  The dance lessons and the secret bring unexpected grief and gifts which ultimately force both women to reexamine their long-held beliefs about themselves, their relationships, and their spirituality and to decide what is most important in their own lives.

In Progress