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Dorothea Benton Frank—Ms. Frank’s novels are as southern as buttermilk biscuits and black-eyed peas and just as delicious.  Many of her heroines are over fifty (thank you Ms. Frank!) but they are far from old.  They are funny and active and delightful.  They struggle with whether it’s okay to have a boyfriend when you are no longer young enough to be a girl and he is no longer young enough to be a boy.  I settle into her books the way I settle into a comfortable chair in front of the fireplace when it’s cold outside.

Elizabeth Berg—the first novel I read by Ms. Berg was Talk Before Sleep, but I should warn you not to start reading this amazing little book if you need to go to sleep!  Since then I’ve read everything she’s ever published, and I have NEVER been disappointed.  Ms. Berg’s stories remind me of the tiny Halcyon pillboxes my mother used to collect—works of art so carefully and precisely rendered that a world can be held in the palm of your hand.

Susanna Kearsley—I only recently discovered Ms. Kearsley and am so very happy I did.  Historical fiction meets fantasy meets romance—ahhhh, there just aren’t enough of them!  Please Ms. Kearsley, write more!

Katherine Reay—another recent discovery—thank you Goodreads for helping me find new authors.  So far I’ve only read Dear Mr. Knightley, but I was enchanted by the quirky heroine.  Samantha Moore uses the language of Jane Austen heroines with an ease I envy, and Ms. Reay taunted me with glimpses of the true character behind those Jane and Emma and Marianne quotes until I was tempted to skip ahead just to ease my own anxiety!

Now my dear readers,

I hope you’re beginning to understand how MUCH I love a good novel.  Please, please tell me about some of your favorites!