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My favorite authors?  How much time do you have???

I am a compulsive reader (well, I’m also compulsive about sugar, especially cookies, but that’s another matter).  I’ll start with authors who have never let me down—I think every book they’ve ever written is brilliant.

Jo-Ann Mapson—delightfully quirky characters—complex, but not complicated.  Her stories are page-turners with clever plot twists guaranteed to surprise even the best fiction detectives.  (I recommend starting with her first one, Blue Rodeo, because the novels tend to weave in and out of one another.)

A.C. Gaughen—two novels so far, and I thoroughly enjoyed both of them.  According to Ms. Gaughen, things in Sherwood Forest were not as we’ve been told.

Sharon Shinn—pure, well-written fantasy.  Reading her books is like eating a chocolate sundae with a dozen cherries on top.  Her Samaria series is my favorite—winged angels living on earth with humans.  But where did they come from?

Adriana Trigiani—ah, Ms. Trigiani, you are a poet disguised as a novelist—every one of your novels is delicious.  I want to live in one!

Kristin Hannah—another amazing story teller.  Everything about her books is brilliant, but her imagery takes my breath away.

Marisa de los Santos—so smart, so intellectual, but again, not complicated, just complex in a compelling way.  I am captivated by her stories and her characters and her gifted use of language.

Jennifer Weiner—Ms. Weiner has my respect and gratitude for tackling one of the biggest monsters in our culture—body image.  With their sharp clever dialogue, her characters remind us that tears are born of laughter as well as grief and beauty is not defined by size.

But, enough of my favorites for today—what about yours?  Which authors do you love?