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I have ordered almost everything from Amazon—toilet paper, English Breakfast Tea, Laura Mercier lip balm, file cabinets, computer cases, bathroom drawer pulls, light bulbs, and so on.  One day when all my friends were busy with their busy lives, and I was watching Chicago Fire (or Med or PD), I had a crazy idea.  I thought, “what if I could type in ‘friend’ on Amazon and pick the one I wanted and have her shipped to my door?”  I told you it was crazy, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

There would be categories like “reads novels obsessively” or “only reads magazines” and “watches reality television” or “watches weekly dramas” and “likes to walk outside in nature” or “likes to sit in the air conditioning and look down at nature from a 17th floor window.”  Stuff like that, you know?

But when I compared my ideal friend with my real friends, they had very little in common.  Oh, sure, I have friends who watch weekly dramas, but I also have friends who watch reality television or no television at all.   I have friends who love novels as much as I do and friends who never read fiction.  I have a surprisingly large number of friends who love the outdoors in spite of the fact that I am the “looking out the window” type.

That’s when it occurred to me that what I need most from my friends has nothing to do with common interests.  What I need most is someone I can trust—to comfort me when I’m in pain, reassure me when I’m afraid, and celebrate with me when I am blessed with good fortune.  Because without trust, how can we ever be truly connected?

What do you value about your friends?  And what do you think they value about you?