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They say that at some point our bones start getting shorter, and we begin to shrink.  (For those of you under sixty, try not to be alarmed, but I feel I should warn you.  Thanks to gravity, our skin gets longer.

In fact, as I leave my sixties behind and slide (way too quickly) into seventy, I feel more and more like a corded phone or a black and white television—historically interesting, but no longer relevant.  “Oh, come on,” some of you are probably saying—“Aren’t you being a little dramatic?”  Maybe, but think about this.

I used to enjoy age-related style suggestions in women’s magazines even when I didn’t agree.  Then I turned sixty, and there was nothing to disagree with because, guess what?  There are no suggestions for women over sixty.  Do the editors believe that after sixty women never leave their homes?  Or do they think that women over sixty don’t care how they look anymore?

The irony is that women over sixty actually need more help than younger women because we have more “issues”—like our knees and our upper arms and our elbows and even our backs (why did I ever even LOOK at my back?).  You know what I mean?

By the time I find a top that doesn’t make me look six months pregnant or, maybe worse, cling to and reveal every aging bulge, I have to hope there will be a color that flatters my aging skin and hair.  If I’m looking for a dress, well, it has to be long enough, but not too long, right?  After all, my calves and ankles are about the only parts of me that don’t have droopy skin.  And, don’t even get me started on finding a pair of pants!!

More magazine is great for women over forty, but don’t you think it’s time someone focused on the fashion needs of women over sixty?