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To meet Lynn is to “meet” Almost Perfect; you’re instantly pulled into both.

Dancing and Lynn McWhorter are a perfect match—not just Almost Perfectlike the title of her first novel. When Lynn’s optimistic energy takes you in its arms, you are swept into a spirited, memorable adventure of clever conversation, humor and insight.

Almost Perfect is more than a story; it’s a cleverly-written, delightfully-relatable exchange that leaps off the page and into your own best-friend conversations, real or imagined.

On the surface, Almost Perfect is a very fun read. Below the surface are multiple dimensions of discovery, love, loss, doubt, hope and spirituality. As readers dig into the book, they will likely find themselves digging into their own life experiences. What author Lynn McWhorter has achieved through Almost Perfect is a “perfect” approach to sparking insightful and engaging dialogue among friends, book clubs, and even business, nonprofit and spiritually-attuned organizations that focus on the emotional well-being in human relationships.

Who will love Almost Perfect? Anyone who understands what it means to love and be loved unconditionally—and who likes to laugh as much as they love.


About Lynn McWhorter

Born to a petite bronze-skinned mother with the grace of a dancer and a father who taught her that money is something you spend and laughter is something you need, Lynn has always embraced the best of both.

Early on, she pursued acting, poetry, and two Master’s degrees in literature and Marriage and Family Therapy. For her fiftieth birthday, Lynn’s father presented her with a printed book containing every poem she had ever written, and then gave 200 copies to family and friends. Before Almost Perfect, it was Lynn’s only published work and is the sweetest gift she’s ever received.

At fifty-three, Lynn turned to ballroom dancing and fell in love—with the tango, waltz and foxtrot.  She also stumbled upon Conversations with God by Neale Donald WalschImpressed and inspired, she began writing her own letters to God. Four hundred pages later, Lynn met her writing coach, Max, who suggested turning her letters into the theme for a novel. Almost Perfect was born.

Although Lynn loves to dance and write, the true light of her life is her family. Her daughter and son applaud every dance and read every word she writes. She watches with humility and awe as they raise their children with love and laughter—just like Lynn’s parents raised her.

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