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these are the things that connect us.

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Bad Mother?

What kind of mom are you? Are you always sweet and gentle with your children? Do you always say just the right thing when your child is disappointed or frustrated or angry or hurt? If you answered yes to either of those questions, I would love to hear from you because...

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How often do you manage more than one thing at a time? I can handle two things at once if I have to—talking on the phone and fixing dinner, watching television and folding laundry. But, that’s about my limit. What if I told you, you had to think about ten things at...

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  When my son was about twelve, I dropped him off at the hair salon for a haircut. About ten minutes later, our stylist called me. “Uh, Lynn, Burk says he wants me to cut his girlfriend’s initials into the hair on the side of his head. He says it’s okay with...

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No Wings, No Harp, No Halo? No problem!

  Did you know that angels don’t always have wings? I can tell you a story that proves it. While my mother was alive, my father was our favorite entertainment. He made up words and sang silly songs. He laughed himself to tears with his own bad jokes. But when my...

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My Favorite Authors Part 2

Dorothea Benton Frank—Ms. Frank’s novels are as southern as buttermilk biscuits and black-eyed peas and just as delicious.  Many of her heroines are over fifty (thank you Ms. Frank!) but they are far from old.  They are funny and active and delightful.  They struggle...

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