Friendship, family, laughter and love:

these are the things that connect us.

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Shopping For Friends

I have ordered almost everything from Amazon—toilet paper, English Breakfast Tea, Laura Mercier lip balm, file cabinets, computer cases, bathroom drawer pulls, light bulbs, and so on.  One day when all my friends were busy with their busy lives, and I was watching...

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Good Advice

You do not have to allow everything that comes into your mind to go out of your mouth. One of the best ways to stop an argument is to stop talking. Stop blaming yourself every time something goes wrong—no one is that powerful or important. When someone gives you a...

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My Favorite Authors

My favorite authors?  How much time do you have??? I am a compulsive reader (well, I’m also compulsive about sugar, especially cookies, but that’s another matter).  I’ll start with authors who have never let me down—I think every book they’ve ever written is...

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Arrested Development

Every time I step off the plane in Mexico, I am excited and confident--eager to use the beautiful language I have spent so many hours learning and practicing. When our driver greets us with "Buenos dias, ¿como estas?" I respond with enthusiasm and a fluency born of...

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Ignorance and Regret

I just saw the movie, Hidden Figures, and I am, once again, humbled by the strength of black women.  As a middle class protestant white girl, growing up in the south in the fifties and sixties, I was sadly ignorant of the often nightmarish reality faced by “people of...

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