Waltzing with words

Dancing and Lynn McWhorter are a perfect match – and not just Almost Perfect, the title of her first novel. When Lynn’s optimistic energy takes you in its arms, you are swept into a spirited, memorable adventure of clever conversation, humor and insight.



For book clubs, signings, groups and more

An engaging speaker who captivates with kindness, humor, warmth and playfulness, Lynn and Almost Perfect represent a rich trove of dialogue possibilities that are, yes, perfect for book signings, conferences, book clubs, professional and civic groups, faith communities and more.

Who will love Almost Perfect? Anyone who knows you’re never too old to explore themes of unconditional love and laughter, vulnerability and imperfection, faith and hurdles, graceful aging and growth.

A sample of topics and conversation-starters led by Lynn and inspired by Almost Perfect:

  • Is being “almost” perfect good enough?
  • When does “conditional” enter the “unconditional” in relationships?
  • Along the path of friendship journeys, how do you navigate out of a dip?
  • When examining conversations with self, friends, and one’s own Higher Power, where does “conversation” stop and introspection or prayer begin?
  • What keeps the glue working in lifelong friendships?
  • Dance, friendships and relationships: How are they similar?